My journey so far…

So I suppose I should give you a little bit of background information on where I’m at creative and artistically.

I went to University to study Fashion Design but it wasn’t for me so I left, (will explain this more in another post). After which I took time out (over a year to be more precise), because I wasn’t really feeling that inspired.

A year or so after experimenting (making dresses, skirts and a couple of blazers which I am very proud of) and also selling a couple of garments, I decided it was now or never, I was going to develop my skills and make my dream a reality.

But for this I would have to take a step back and remember why I wanted to get into fashion. I’m a girly girl, so growing up I was into princesses (Disney), big dresses and all that fluffy stuff, which is where my love of bridal gowns come from, but from within bridal gowns I just loved corsets. I loved the structure of them, the different fabrics and embellishments and most importantly the shape they gave women.

From researching into corsetry I could see I’d have to take a closer look into the female body and the way it works and the different shapes, which got me interested in lingerie and not just corsetry. (If I’m going to have to learn more about the female body then I might as well have fun and experiment with fashion).

The females body is amazing anyway, our bodies can withstand so much and have the ability to nature life. It is not something we should have to hide,it should be celebrated.
We are told to be happy and confident with our bodies, yet are also told if we are not the right size or shape it should be covered up, we can take pictures in our bikini’s and that is acceptable but in our underwear we are judged and its a shame that in 2015 there is till such a big taboo around this.

So aside from wanting to make women feel like princesses for one special day, we should feel sexy and special all the time. Why not have lovely underwear or a beautiful corset on under your tracksuit…

Why is it we feel its only for special occasions?

Monique S XxX


One thought on “My journey so far…

  1. Monique, I may be male but I can’t see anything wrong with women and their bodies. If wearing a certain dress makes you feel good then why not wear it? I’m not one to prescribe to one body shape being preferable to another, apart from the “size zero” models who look starved. Everyone should feel good in their skin so I say wear whatever makes you feel good and don’t listen to anyone who might tell you that it looks stupid. You’re not looking stupid you look amazing.


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