My 10 Year Plan

Side Note: This did start off as a 5 year plan but as I started listings all the things I wanted to achieve it didn’t quite seem realistic that in 5 years I’d be at the end of this particular journey and have my own bridal store up and running. (So all in all, this was a useful exercise for me)

They say if you want something you have visualise it, speak it into existences and write it down (I say they, I’ve just heard this before).

For me my 10 year plans consists of knowing what I want and roughly when I want that to happen.

I can literally see myself at the end of my journey, sitting in the back of my bridal boutique, teaching student different sewing techniques while my colleagues see to customers in the front, knowing that I need to pull my sketches together, as I have a client coming in, in the afternoon to go through designs for her perfect dress.

That particular vision is not cloudy at all. What is unclear is how I get there which is why it’s important to write it all down.  For me it’s easier to work backwards, as I already know where I want to end up.

I’ve never really shared any of this before and feel a little exposed in doing so, but hey if I don’t speak this into the universe or write this into existence then it may never happen.

So here goes:


Goal: Start up my own website
Perfect my knowledge of women bodies, curves and fabrics used for lingerie.
Experiment on making bespoke pattern pieces.
From research design a 7 piece collection (which will also include harnesses and nipple pasties), to have sketches, patterns and mock-up of all pieces.
Finish collection by June.
Put together a lookbook of final pieces this includes finding models and doing a photoshoot to be finished by July
Start on setting up website to have it finished late August, including promoting a launch date.
Website launch date 1 September
November To make festive lingerie pieces.


Goal: Focus on Corsety
To be able to make bespoke patterns from having a better understanding of women bodies and contour fashion from my research from the previous year.
Research into different fabrics used for corsetry
Make a selection of sample pieces (OTR) to be sold on my website
From August start taking custom orders


Goal: Sell lingerie and corsets
To carry on producing new lingerie collections
To still be making corsets.
To have a steady income from this
To start to experiment with bridal wear, researching into different silhouettes and fabrics.


Goal: To be taking Prom dress Orders


Goal: Put a business plan together
To start on a business plan.
To look at location, size and cost.


Goal: Get a start-up loan
Rent a store
Start decorating


Goal:  Open Bridal Boutique


Goal: Not Fail


Goal: Become a teaching school


Goal: Successfully run my business

Started to get a little lost near the end, as I said I know where I want to end up but the path is a little fuzzy but I will find my way. Thinking I might do a vision board next.


Monique S XxX


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