Fun @ work

Something a little different for my readers.

I work at Theatre Royal Stratford East in the Marketing department and have been lucky enough to flex my creative muscles thanks to my manager.

For our last two pantos I have been able to do a behind the scenes costumes piece for our Panto programmes. This entails for a couple of weeks working closely with the costume (and set) designer Harriet Barsby, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Below is my work for Beauty and the Beast and Robin Hood.

So after checking with Harriet shes happy for me to do this project and letting her know what my deadline is, I send through a short design brief to the designers letting them know what I am looking to do and also a couple of examples. Beauty

This is then followed by the questions I will be sending through to Harriet an also copy for the page.

beauy 2

As I am a visual person I also send through a mock up of how I would like the page to look.

page template.jpg

And here is the final page which I am very proud of:

Costume page VF.jpg

Robin Hood.

For Robin Hood it was very similar, using the artwork we already have I sent through a designer brief to the designers and explained that I was doing a behind the scenes costume pieces like the year before.




and here is how I wanted it laid out, which I sent through to the designers:

Panto page_edited-1.jpg

And again after little big of back and forth with the designers here is the final page:


Proud of these pages and really enjoyed working on them, it even got mentioned in West End Wilma’s review for Robin Hood.

Hope you enjoyed this insight.

Monique S


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